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Aagrah’s Fresh Food Statement

14 December 2015, 02:53

Aagrah Food cooked fresh to order

Aagrah’s central production unit (CPU) provides all prep service of ingredients for its branches.  CPU provides a service doing the marinades, mixing of spices and tenderising meats. This level of preparation is standard practice and necessary across the industry for multiple restaurant chains.

The prep team start work at central production unit early morning every day at least 8 hours before the restaurants opens to do cutting of all fresh produce and marinades. These ingredients are sent to each restaurant daily in specially equipped chilled vans.

Aagrah Group is the only company to have its own butchery to supplying to all branches only.


Unannounced visits by the health and safety inspectors on legal requirements.

Weekly health and safety internal inspection are conducted by independent health auditor.

Butchery 2

Aagrah’s central kitchen model is used as a blue print by competitors who run multiple chains using secret recipes.

All Aagrah dishes are cooked freshly to order at the Restaurant by A la Carte Chefs ensure quality control, consistency and the best taste using Aagrah’s recipes.


Customers can see their meal being prepared at any time subject to following Health and safety guidelines. Please see the branch manager.

Aagrah’s Tarka Sauces are produced at an external factory and not in CPU.

Central Kitchen serves only the restaurant branches and it’s where all outdoor catering is produced.

The success of Aagrah cuisine is based on a pillar of producing authentic, home cooking using daily purchased fresh produce in a commercial environment. Aagrah serve the freshest, most affordable meals in their fine dining restaurants.

For further information, please contact the Head Office on 01274 580032.

Mohammed Aslam MBE

Managing Director and Executive Chef

Aagrah Group


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