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Aagrah – Serving the Best of Locally Farmed British Meat

31 July 2013, 07:22


Right from the outset, Aagrah’s aim was to buy the very best local meat and poultry possible, sourced through recognised and long established local suppliers, with the best standards and at the right price.


In an effort to improve things further, three years ago Aagrah invested thousands of pounds to create their own butchery facility next door to their head office in Shipley. Aagrah’s butchery facility only has one customer and it supplies all fresh meat products daily to its 15 Aagrah  Restaurant branches.


All Aagrah dishes are prepared with the pick of prime lamb, mutton (used for mince meat dishes), poultry and the very best of seafood.  State of the art cold rooms ensure the meat is stored at the right temperature before it’s all hand cut by highly qualified skilled butchers.


In turn, customers can rest safe in the knowledge that they are paying for what they are eating.  All meat used in the Aagrah Group of Restaurants is traceable right back to the local farm with consistent quality guaranteed – and a supply chain that has the highest animal welfare standards assured through the entire process.

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