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Lulu The Elephant Bradford Schools Project

15 April 2013, 07:17

We were delighted to be able to participate in a recent Bradford Schools project. Bradford primary school children were asked to create stories and artwork featuring the Aagrah Restaurant mascot, Lulu the Elephant. The best stories and illustrations were compiled into a book called, “Lulu, The Aagrah Elephant”. With the kind permission of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, High Crags Primary School & Swain House Primary School, we are able to share this fantastic book with our customers.

Please click on the image below to view the book.


Special thanks must be given to the talented authors & artists whose work feature in the book.

High Crags Primary School
Alicia Pratt, Jordan Bower, Aleah Wilkinson, Moeez Hussain, Dagan Marshall, Shaughn Battensby, Abigail Ramsden.

Swain House Primary School
Kolsuma Ali, Libertie Wells, Muhammad Ameen Malik, Mohammed Iftekhar.

One thought on “Lulu The Elephant Bradford Schools Project

  1. Dagan Marshall

    hello! my name is Dagan Marshall,the Dagan Marshall who wrote a section in this….i would just like to say a massive thank you for the food it was lovely and thank you for selecting me as a winner!…i know its late but thank you so much
    yours sincerly,
    Dagan Marshall

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